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​2023 NEW Sublimation Glass Christmsa ornaments

2023 NEW Sublimation Glass Christmsa ornaments

  Christmas Ornament, as one of the best selling series in sublimation business, every store will seek to look for the newest & the most creative ones every year. So besides from the Metal, MDF and the classic Christmas Ball, we newly launched the Sublimation Glass Ornament this year in our store.

2023 NEW Sublimation Glass Christmsa ornaments

  The most common and wider range applicable one would definitely be the clear glass style. Compete transparent exterior so that not only you can print your own designs to, but also it can reflect the background with. Never a wrong choice for the transparent for all occasions.

2023 NEW Sublimation Glass Christmsa ornaments

  A lot of clients of ours would grow a specific preferance to the Matte feeling as well. Showing a bit of a mystic feeling, also would make a great match with the snowing season. Rather than just as a house decoration, this could be the one to decor your store as well. Darker color printing will no doubt getting highlighted from!

2023 NEW Sublimation Glass Christmsa ornaments

  But if you are a perfectionist in sublimation, the white one will no doubt be the one you should consider. Unlike the previous two styles we mentioned, this one with white background will make perfect transformatino of every designs of yours. Light color printing, full color full size printing, easiest and most convenient to process with!

  Not only with the round shape, we also got the square and hexagon for you to choose from, so it can meet all the possible needs you may have. All shapes in around 3 inches size, so you wouldn't have to put in extra work to adjust the designs you already have, while the shipping would stay reasonable for them.

  Printing wouldn't be too complicated as well, recommended printing parameters would be 180°C, slightly longer time for 200 seconds, adjust to an appropriate pressure, it would be strong enough and not easily get broken.

  It's only the middle of the year, but it should be time to get prepared for your Christmas plan already! If you are not sure about these, sample order will always welcome, take some samples and get your plans set!


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