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Acrylic Series for Sublimation, Laser Engraving and UV Printing

Acrylic Series for Sublimation, Laser Engraving and UV Printing

Acrylic materials has been favored by market for making personalized gifts. As acrylic material is economic, and the sheet can be laser cut into any shapes you need, and material with different thickness to meet different needs for usage, like thinner ones to do keychains, ornaments, thick ones to do desk photo plaques. Most important, the acrylic can be DIY in a few different ways, including sublimation, laser engraving and UV printing.

As a supplier for a variety of blanks to make personalized gifts, Norpie has a whole product lines for acrylic blanks. We will choose a few of them to have detailed introduction here.

Clear acrylic keychains with PET inserts for sublimation 

Acrylic Series for Sublimation, Laser Engraving and UV Printing

Acrylic keychains with photo inserts are common personalized and promotional gifts in the market. It is low cost items, very suitable for some low budget events. But normally in the market, personalized inserts are finished by traditional printing method, which requires high MOQ. So we develop them with PET inserts, which can be applied for sublimation, can solve the problem of small quantity personalization. The PET inserts can be printed both sides, the thickness is perfect for the keychains, with the plastic covers sealed, it is perfect safe inside. For this series, we chosed 4 common shapes, rectangle, heart, circle, and square. If need other shapes, also feel free to contact us to customize.

Acrylic LED Christmas Ornaments for sublimation/laser engraving

Acrylic Series for Sublimation, Laser Engraving and UV Printing

LED acrylic Christmas ornaments are really popular this year, customers really love to get some personalized ornaments with LED light to decorate their Christmas trees. We design them to be compatible with LED accessories, then after personalization, the pattern will be more special with the light in different colors. The one for sublimation, acrylic with coating on the backside, we will see the design from the front. The one for laser engraving, it is very suitable to engrave some monograms, clear acrylic after laser engraving will get white lines, with light color changes, the engraving color will also change.

Clear Acrylic Photo Plaques with UV Printing

10mm or 15mm thickness clear acrylic photo plaques with UV printing are great choices for many occasions, like Mother’s days, Father’s day, Graduation, Valentine’ Day. The thickness is enough for the acrylic stand on the desk on their own and display the printing. Clear acrylic background with letters and patterns printed, the effect is fabulous. And as we can laser cut the acrylic sheet into any shapes, any shape can be customized. We also make some shapes as regular model stocks, like the puzzle shape, heart, square and circle. We not only provide them as blank, also supply them with printing. In order to avoid scratches, we will use protective films on both sides.

If you are interested in any of our acrylic items for sublimation, UV printing or laser engraving, feel free to contact us to get a catalog. And customization also welcome.


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