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All Angel Wing Items for Sublimation

All Angel Wing Items for Sublimation

Memorial products industry has lots of opportunities for digital imaging, there are over 2 million funerals taking place each year in the US, and there are quite a large demands for image printed memorial items. Digital processes such as sublimation are the key to producing a range of personalized, photo-based products that memorialize the person who has passed on including keychains, jewelry, ornaments, photo frames, etc. Normally, the memorial items have the design with some memorial symbols, and the most common and popular on in the market, much be angel wings.
One representation of Angel wings conveys a sense of tranquility and purity. They can also be seen as a symbol of hope for those who need it. And it also symbols as the guard for people, can protect people from hurting, and symbols love and protection.
For sublimation memorial blanks, our company has developed a variety of them with angel wing design, and are favored by lots of customers. There are ornaments for car and Chritsmas tree, and necklace, keychains, also wedding bouquet charm.
All Angel Wing Items for Sublimation

The most classic models are our angel wings car charms with double-sided circle for sublimation. The wings made of zinc alloy are very beautiful and lifelike. The details of the wings are also very good, with a three-dimensional sense. They are plated in silver and gold, classic metal colors to show the purity of angel wings. With the exquiste angel wings dangling on the bottom, the circle part can be printed the lovely pictures of family or friends. Hang it on the rear-view mirror, and a personalized car hook will be completed. If you print the photos of your beloved person who has passed way, it will be like he has been guarding you, no matter where you go. And there are also similar models, just with different wings, such as the antique silver one with oval charm, and our newly developed on with ‘forever in my heart’ engraved text.
All Angel Wing Items for Sublimation

If you think metal made angel wings ornaments are not close enough to the archetype of Angel, then you can take a look at our newly developed feather ones, it looks like a miniature of angel. As the wings are made of real feather, very graceful and pure. And they come with a circle or heart aluminum plate for sublimation, with adhesive, can easily attach to the feather wings, light-weight to hang on the Christmas tree. It can be used as the memorial items for some events, also can be used as a Christmas decoration.

As for memorial items, some people would like that they can wear it and to keep them by the side to show their rememberance. With a angel wings designed lockets, it can perfectly meet this demand. Print the photo on the inside heart area, then the angle wings can be closed to keep the picture inside, so it has the memorial function and also can provide some privacy at the same time. These necklaces can keep the people you love forever by your side from the symbolic meaning, and also are great outfit decorations to show your personality. As well as the keychains, they are the daily used items, but with customized printing, can be used to memorize people.
All Angel Wing Items for Sublimation

For memorial items, there is another occasion we also often need them, that is weeding. As we know, to be witnessed to finish the wedding ceremony by parents is one of the most important thing. But for people who lost their parents, they would like to find some way to memorize their parents. To make some memorial bouquet charm is a simple but meaningful way to do this. Our bouquet charm are designed in metal circle or oval charms for personalization, and small angel guardian on the bottom. With the pin on the top, they can be easily attached on the wedding bouquet.

Angel wings design sublimation blanks are great memorial products choices, and we have a variety of them to choose. If you are interested in any of them, feel free to contact us. Also we will develop more novel memorial items in the future, to meet the demands of personalized memorial items.    


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