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Awesome Sublimation Project for Easter

Awesome Sublimation Project for Easter

Entering April, it means that Easter is coming soon. Easter symbolizes rebirth and hope, which also brings many business opportunities. So in this article I will bring you a few business tips.

Sublimation Easter Bunny Basket
Awesome Sublimation Project for Easter

Provide Easter baskets for your kids is a good choice. Young children love waking up to a basket filled with Easter goods. And some parents like to fill them with small treats like candy and tiny toys for their kids which will look funny. The Easter basket is very cute, long bunny rabbit floppy ears hang down on side, very attractive, then you can sublimation the beautiful pattern on the blank which can make the unique basket, perfect for your little ones in an exciting Easter egg hunt activities! Kids will immersed in an exciting easter atmosphere!
Our bunny Easter baskets are made of linen, lightweight, durable and reusable. They come in many colors, with green, blue, pink, and orange ears. Then the children can choose different colors.

Double-sided Sublimation Linen Rabbit Ear Pillow Case with Pocket
Awesome Sublimation Project for Easter

When the atmosphere of Easter is everywhere, you must be missing something in some corner. That's right, adding a bunny pillowcase to your sofa. Make your home full of vitality. The front of this pillowcase has these two bunny ears hanging down, and there are 4 colors to choose from: pink, blue, green, and yellow, looks very cute. There is also a large pocket hidden under the rabbit ears, which is very convenient for you to put some small things on the pillowcase at any time, such as money, notebooks, pens, etc. Furthermore, our pillowcases are made of linen material, which is very comfortable to the touch. This material is very durable and not easy to get dirty. Finally, the pillowcase is blank as a whole and can be sublimated. You can print your favorite patterns, such as Easter patterns or family patterns, etc. Make your pillowcase a unique.

With these preparations, your Easter will definitely be very exciting. Hurry up, let your customers know that you can prepare these things for them, and make Easter full of joy.    


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