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How to Use Sublimation HTV?


As we know, if we want to sublimate some shirts, it needs to be polyester material. In this way, it can transfer image vividly and bright. But in our life, there are many shirts are made of cotton, people prefer cotton, more soft and comfortable. So is there any material we can use to help us sublimate our cotton made shirts?

Certainly, the sublimation HTV vinyl can achieve sublimation on light cotton shirts. And it is compatible with most heat press machines, also it can realize the pattern of hollow effect. And the printing is washable, durable and long lasting. The sublimation effect on HTV vinyl is bright and vivid.

So, how to use our sublimation HTV on cotton shirts?

Step 1: Print the design on sublimation paper(mirror printing) 

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Step2: Cut sublimation HTV into the shape and size you need, acording to your design

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Step3: Press sublimation HTV on fabric, use 150 Celsius degree and 10-15seconds., cool down for a few seconds then remove PET film

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Step4: Press sublimation paper on sublimation HTV, use 180-200 Celsius degree and 40-45 seconds, cool down for a few  seconds then remove sublimation paper

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These are all the steps you need to sublimate HTV vinyl on our cotton made shirts. Any questions you have, feel free to contact us from our website.


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