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New Linen Christmas Items Santa Sack and Christmas Stocking

New Linen Christmas Items Santa Sack and Christmas Stocking

As we all know, Christmas will be coming soon - also consider as the biggest selling season in sublimation business. If you are a fan of our store or have done this couple years already, I think I won’t be needed to introduce anything more about the ornaments. So here in this article, instead of those hot-selling metal / MDF / plastic ornaments, we gonna talk about some textile Christmas items, which sales figures had been rising in the past couple weeks.

Speaking of Christmas, there are two symbolic items that can’t be missed in your purchasing plan: the Santa Sack and Christmas Stocking. So here we got two different styles for each kind, majorly different in material, which I believe you will get to find the one you prefer most!

The very first thing I am gonna introduce about is the most popular & traditional Christmas Stocking. Being one of those never-out of style products, we got them in two different styles, one in plush and another one in linen. Both comes in standard market size as 8*17*12 inches, about 20*43.5*30 cm, which would be enough to put most of the little gifts in it, like some candies, stationary, Jewelry etc. Red color drawstring design with Christmas-related images printed, providing more of the Christmas feeling to the products, also practical for hanging or effectively keeping the stockings sealed.

New Linen Christmas Items Santa Sack and Christmas Stocking

Of course where there has a receiver, there will also be a “Santa”. So here is the Santa Sack for the Santa role. Also comes in two different material: Linen and Canvas, while the size would be slightly different as well. For the Linen one - which have the texture that I personally prefer more, comes in 40*50 cm, about 15.7*19.6 inches, probably a better choice for a large present. The other one in Canvas, comes in larger 68.5*51 cm size , which is about 30*20 inches, I believe that should be enough candies inside for all the kids in your community. Goes without saying, classic red color drawstring design there will be, convenient to take out on street. More importantly,  sublimation can be done easily right on the surface of both side, with some funny images to better meet the theme of the Christmas.

New Linen Christmas Items Santa Sack and Christmas Stocking

As the internet going deep into our daily life, sometimes we would found that the kids are losing the happiness we had at the same age. So instead of staring at the phone or the TV, a better way to celebrate the very festival is to bring these traditions back. Instead of giving your gift to your kids directly, give them with these Santa Sack and Christmas Stockings, add some atmosphere to the very festival and also consider it as a culture inheriting, passing these meaningful ceremony to the next generation. 


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