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New Trendy Garden Ornaments Sublimation Wind Spinners

Wind spinners decoration are known to bring good luck, prosperity, peace, contentment and positive energy to all who enjoy them. So many people also love to hang beautiful and charming wind spinners in their homes, especially in the courtyard.
New Trendy Garden Ornaments Sublimation Wind SpinnersOur wind spinner is designed for sublimation, made of high quality aluminum and double sides are blank, so it is allow you to do sublimation at high temperature and you can print any pattern you like on the both sides to show the beautiful image. The wind spinner is 10 inch (25.4cm) in diameter with 1mm thick, a perfect size for your garden or yard decoration. Comes with an S hook and a 360 degree swivel hook, could be easily hanging and placing, and spinning in a gentle breeze.

Whether your pattern of wind spinner is modern, vintage, contemporary or traditional, our product can satisfy you perfectly with your home’s outdoor decoration. Everyone in your family will love these yard wind spinners.

After you have printed the pattern on both sides of the wind spinner, multiple spinning parts create a magical visual, the wonderful reflecting colors will be the focal point in your yard or garden or anywhere you like to hang.

Hang this wind spinner in an area where they can catch a breeze. Any direction will do! Charming and magical 3D vision and attractive views, adds a 360 degree viewing angle illuminate charming to your garden, decorate your fence, deck, patio, porch or yard.


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