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Sublimation Christmas Bundle Recommendations

Sublimation Christmas Bundle Recommendations

  In the past years of Christmas selling season, we gradually found that in the B2C sales mold, preference of purchasing in bundle had been rises, in which way could help them save time in choosing among hundreds of kinds, also creating an enthusiasm in trying new kinds. For the small business, selling in bundles could also be a way to clear the stock, solve the cash flow, and help rising the product value in the market.

  Whereas, when it comes to choosing the combination of different products could be a complicated jobs, you have to consider the matching, cost, and creativity in it. 

Angel Wing Collection

Sublimation Christmas Bundle Recommendations

Ornament is always a topic you can’t ignored when it comes to Christmas. As sales statistics during the past years, Angel Wing had been the most popular styles in decoration. Stands for blessed, memorization and love. A combination of the Feather Heart Ornament, Black & Pink Heart Wing style and the most classic Round Angel Wing one would no doubt make a good sale.

House Decoration

Sublimation Christmas Bundle Recommendations

Besides from the Ornaments, some daily house decoration is another way to hit the Christmas atmosphere during the very festival. Red & Black Plaid would be the choice as always. For this theme, we would highly recommend a combination of Table Runner, Tree Skirts and of course the Christmas Sock. All comes with plaid and available for full size sublimation. Linen material would also make sure it will be nice looking enough to celebrate the day.

New Collections

Sublimation Christmas Bundle Recommendations

As in the Gifts & Crafts business, it’s always important to keep the new styles coming. For this year’s Christmas, we also newly release two different new material made Ornament. Glass & HPP material. Glass Ornament, goes without saying, simply made of Glass, as a way to meet the client’s demand, Frosted, Clear & White styles are all available, fancy exterior with red ribbon, while you can still sublimate your designs to. 

Secondly, popular as MDF is, if you are looking for something similar but looks more fancy, HPP would be the one. Considered as plastic material, harder board it is than MDF, covered by full white color provides a higher class exterior.

As three bundle recommendations above, ideas must been created in your mind already. Not only do we offer these items individually, but customized package will always be a service we can provide as well. Making a blind box with a fancy package, that could be a choice to boost your selling of the year!


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